Case Study Digital Services

Orbital Installation Technologies offers mobile installation, deployment and maintenance services for a broad collection of mobile technologies across commercial and service vehicle, bus, trailer fleets, heavy equipment from a highly skilled field service technician.

Orbital Installation had some respectable rankings when they contacted XYZ, but they were not ranked in the Top 10 for any of the 4 most important keyword phrases on Google. Orbital Installation goal was very clear: to achieve Top 5 or Top 10 rankings on Google for their primary keywords. All other ranking increases would be considered a bonus.

The strategy that was implemented for Orbital Installation was to do a complete “themed” optimization of their web site, consulting with their internal web developers to implement additional “search engine-friendly” structural elements into the site and to increase the site’s link popularity.

At first, we made a list of all technical issues with the website like navigation, menu, user experience, 404 pages, sitemap, and site structure. We forwarded it to our team of developers and SEO experts. They modified the site and turned it into a search engine compatible site. Then we put focus on improving the content quality. Afterward, our team conducted a competitors’ analysis and performed keyword research. Then we started our on-page and off-page SEO work.

About the Client

Orbital Installation Technologies is a trusted installation service provider to many of the leading telematics, mobile resource management systems, and mobile data technology suppliers in North America. Fully insured and experts in their field, they launch and manage small- or large-scale installation projects seamlessly, ensuring minimal interruption to daily field operations. Flexible, in their approach, the Orbital Installation Technologies team is able to adapt to the most stringent requirements, so that vehicles and assets are quickly back in the field and fully operational.